Fin Keegan

Journalism / Non-fiction


  • As Managing Editor at Lafferty Group (later Argus Advisory Research) from 2013 to 2023, countless articles by me have appeared in the Weekly Payments Digest and its predecessors
  • "All Together Now: Transition Towns Rise in the US", Smarter Cities
  • "Ring of Dust", Smarter Cities
  • "The (Almost) Lost World", {Mayo News}
  • "Speak up anyway", {Mayo News}
  • Profile: The Harvill Press, The Second Circle
  • Profile: Les Editions de Minuit, The Second Circle
  • "Podcasting", Earborne, Nevada Public Radio: 2006
  • "Spiderman v Quicksilver", National Geographic's Green Guide : 2004
  • "Jean Rouaud's Of Illustrious Men", The Irish Times: 1998
  • Numerous Articles, Student Press Review, New York: 1998